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Blue Bayou

Main Characters:
Jessie – A Cajun shrimp fisherman. He is a down to earth, simple man who loves his job, wants his own boat and also wants to marry Leah and have a family.

Leah – A half white/half Cajun young lady. She is a dreamer, but loves Jessie. She also dreams of leaving this life style and going on to something more glamorous although she doesn’t know what it is.

Gabriel – A well known New York fashion photographer who is also a womanizer, drug dealer and pimp.

Bebette – Gabe’s current No 1 model. She has been through it all with Gabe. She is successful but she is hooked on drugs and will turn any sexual favor Gabe wants her to do.

As you read each scene you will see a small gray box which has a tiny PLAY BUTTON on it. You will need to click on that play button to hear the music for each part.


Opening scene:

Shrimp fishermen working on the docks getting ready to go to sea.
Opening music is the instrumental for Blue Bayou. It fades away and the opening song begins.

Press Play - Blue Bayou

The spotlights focus on a small group of men working on the docks. They are talking about what they want to do with their futures. Jessie is the main character in this group. They start singing

Press Play - Working For The Man

When the song finishes, Leah enters and talks with Jessie. They discuss their dreams but hers has nothing to do with the docks and his dreams are about her and being with her forever. The lights fade and then come back up focused on Jessie. He begins to sing.

Press Play - Leah

When the lights come back up, Jessie and Leah are still together and still talking and Jessie is getting ready to go back out to sea to shrimp some more.

There is noise off stage of people talking harshly to each other.

Gabe enters with an entourage of sycophants, models and assistants. They are doing a photo shoot for a magazine. They discuss what they are trying to do and they setup to do a photo shoot.

Gabe sees Leah and notices her natural beauty and takes some photos of her. He then engages her in conversation and tells her what a natural beauty she is and generally convinces her to get involved with the photo shoot and then go back to NYC with him where he says he can make her a star.

Bebette sees what is happening and can see that she may be on her way out. The others in the entourage can see this too. They have seen it happen before.

Bebette and the entourage sing

Press Play - Candy Man.

The entourage continues taking photos and discusses getting back to NYC. They don't like it here.

Lights fade - End of Act One


Leah has already gone to NYC and is involved with Gabe. Leah has become a minor star in the NYC fashion world but Gabe has controlled her rise to fame, and her life. This is the part where Jessie goes to NYC to find Leah and eventually makes contact with her.

Jessie tries to convince Leah to come back with him, but she is so deep into recreational drugs and wanting to become a famous person she doesn’t want to go back. She thinks she is close to making it to the top. She is not aware of how Gabe has deliberately held her back.

Leah says some very hurtful things to Jessie that she doesn’t really mean but she is trying to make him go away before Gabe finds out.  Jessie finally leaves her.

Press Play - It's Over

However, his good looks have also been noticed by some of the people he has met while trying to find Leah. He had initially pushed them away but he decides he will try this lifestyle also.  OR

Jessie, goes to the docks and find a job working there.

He and his new group of “friends” sing

Press Play - The Crowd

Now we jump to where Jessie has become a male model with a little success but it’s really not what he wants out of life. OR he is working at the docks. He is only doing it to stay in NYC so he can be close to Leah. Leah and Jessie meet accidentally at a coffee shop in NYC.  They make small talk about what they are doing in NYC, but finally they admit to each other they are lonely and they miss each other and they miss Blue Bayou but then they leave the coffee shop and go their separate ways. However, Bebette has seen them in the coffee shop together and runs off stage. She is going to tell Gabe.

This is a duet by Jessie and Leah but on separate sides of the stage.

Press Play - Only The Lonely

The lights go off on Leah and then focus on Jessie.

Gabe enters with Bebette and confronts Jessie. They have an argument over Jessie seeing Leah and finally Jessie lies to Gabe and tells him that he and Leah have agreed to run off back to Blue Bayou together and there is nothing Gabe can do about it. This starts a fight, but Gabe is no match for Jessie and Jessie pins Gabe to the ground and tells Gabe he is going to kill him because he realizes that the only way Leah can be free is to get rid of Gabe. Jessie eventually stabs Gabe and kills him. Then Jesse runs off to the NYC docks,

Bebette is left staring at Gabe’s body and realizes what she has done and how much she actually loved Gabe. She sings

Press Play - Crying

After the song, she swears vengeance against Jessie and exits the stage.

Lights Fade - End Of Act Two


At the docks, Jessie has made some friends. He tells them what has happened and they say they will try to help him make contact with Leah again so he can see her once more before he turns himself into the police

Jessie and the dock hands sing

Press Play - Running Scared

Jessie’s friends don’t know Leah and they find Bebette first who convinces them that she is Leah and they take Bebette back to Jessie. This is when she kills Jessie by shooting him.

Then we jump to where Leah has left the NYC life and has gone home to Blue Bayou.

She is at the docks where the fishermen are working and getting ready to go to sea and she is thinking about Jessie.
The background music is the instrumental of Blue Bayou.

She begins thinking about Jessie, then his voice is heard doing the talking intro to In Dreams. Then Leah starts to sing. This song starts out with just Leah on one side of the stage and then a spot light comes up on Jessie on the other side of the stage and they sing a duet. They move towards each other but don’t focus on one another. They are in two different worlds and can’t see each other The spotlight shows on each of them also never touch, they just get close.

Press Play - In Dreams

The spotlight fades out on Jessie. Leah then exits the stage to go on with her life in Blue Bayou.

The finale will be a chorus of everyone on the docks singing Blue Bayou.

Press Play - Blue Bayou

Lights Fade - End Of Act Three and